AN ODE TO TEENAGEHOOD & Dysfunctional Families

“We all are incredibly fragmented as human beings. We all have conflicting desires and believes. This film is a meeting point of collective experiences, an insight into a ‘quantum’ family setting where everyone exists in the same space whilst navigating different realms of reality. It’s not (only) so much about the individual styles but about their identity: the teenagers fragile-strength of character they arm themselves with to “be out” and present themselves into the World, glimpses of a family presence suggest that whilst some of them are finding their own identity others are loosing theirs. The observer is able to witness multiple points of view and have the capacity to observe different states of mind and emotion. This is a coming of age story, with its tenderness and its chaos but where love and companionship prevail above all.” Celia Arias

Team Credits

Concepts and Direction: Celia Arias

Cinematography & Director of Postproduction: Manual Molla

Producer: Dagmar Bennett

Art Director: Sullivan Cayless

Gaffer: Sebastian Cayless

Graphic Designer: Oscar M Soriano

Make-Up: David Gillers

Hair: Ernesto Montenovo @ The London

Hair Assistant: Luca Maurelli

Stylist: Celia Arias @ The Only Agency

Stylist Assistant: Isabella Damazio

Starring: Johan, Willow Simone, David Solomon, Nathan Brown